Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Completely Unexpected Skyrim Hiatus

Hi! How was your Christmas/Holidays? I know it seems like I disappeared completely in the last weeks, but there's a (really poor) reason for that. Two reasons, actually. First off, I take my non-religious Christmas break extremely serious. Second: Skyrim. Yes, I got it as a present from my girlfriend and I'm totally sucked into it. It's kinda tragic, really.

They not ready! They not ready for the Facebuster!

So even though I'm reading a lot of comics and planning new content, I'm mostly sucked into this game now. I'm not very far into the game, but that's in part due to an accident/bug that happened to my previous saves and having to start over. The game is really cool, though and I have to give props to my good buddy Ross (CLICK!); for recommending this thing to me. So for the next few days, I'll be running around Skyrim as the daring orcish hero, Facebuster, with my trusty overly-sarcastic-about-carrying-all-my-stuff sidekick Lydia, but I'm still alive and new blog content will follow, promise!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


ORCA ACTION! From Thorgal #33 "The Swordship" ("Le bateau-sabre"). Art by G. Rosiński.

That's right, it's a killer whale eating vikings. Q: How cool is that? A: It's very, very cool. From this year's "Thorgal" #33 ("The Swordship") by Grzegorz Rosiński and Yves Sente. It's one of the things I got for my birthday, yesterday. If you're a Thorgal fan, than this album marks the return to form for "Thorgal". It was definitely the best issue in a while, with just the right mix of good plot, great art and fantastic action. Plus, it has a whole lot of orca action in it. I highly recommend it.

Both of the new "Thorgal" books I got.

In other Thorgal-related news, I also got the first album in the new "Louve" series (based in the world of Thorgal and telling the story of his daughter). The album is called "Raïssa" and it's by a French fellow known simply as Yann (script) and a Russian artist Roman Surzhenko. This is the first thing I've read by either of those men. While it didn't blow me away, it was good for a first issue and the Surzhenko's art is quite good and fits well with the established Thorgal aesthetics. Sadly, this one didn't have any orcas in there.

So here's another orca panel from "The Swordship" (pardon the shitty quality - it got me so excited that I didn't even straighten the comic out to make a photograph)!

"iiiAAARRHHH, that's so fuckin' AWESOME!!!"